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ZANOIDE DE MORAES, PERESI, BRAUN & CASTILHO’s specific area of practice is criminal law, and over the last twenty years has had marked activity in corporate criminal law.

Guided by solid ethical principles, ZANOIDE DE MORAES, PERESI, BRAUN & CASTILHO strives to liaise practical aspects, strictly and untiringly defending clients’ needs, with state of the art work, in tune with the latest theses of Legal Sciences and Higher Court decisions.

The scientific work is supported by a highly motivated team of professionals with concrete opportunities of professional advancement and aware of the need to keep up with the constant evolvement of Law. This is reflected in further academic studies and in research activities in the physical and digital libraries available, covering both national and international material.

To ensure expedient and efficient services, the firm practices in all parts of the country, with direct intervention of head office staff, and also in association with law firms specialized in each legal area.

Serving its clients is the ultimate aim of the firm, acting closely and devotedly to meet individual needs.

Its expertise covers the legal and media areas in crisis management, preventing undue distortions and detrimental exposure, thus ensuring discreetness in the defense of the name and reputation of individuals and legal entities, undoubtedly their greatest and irreclaimable assets.

ZANOIDE DE MORAES, PERESI, BRAUN & CASTILHO believes that criminal law’s major contribution to the development of the National Institutions is to demonstrate that a citizen’s best defense can only be achieved with ethical guidelines, untiring work and scientific bases.

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